Retirement Challenges

Those who hope to retire face two great challenges. The first is to accumulate enough money to generate the income you will need during retirement. We use a creative, flexible, planning-driven approach to investing. We focus a lot of effort on client education and behavioral coaching so that emotions tend not to lead to inappropriate decisions. We cannot of course say that our custom-tailored investment strategy will always outperform those your friends are using, or those proposed by other advisers you may have consulted. In fact, no one strategy or adviser will consistently outperform all others. We can say that no one else will care more about you, your financial goals, and your portfolio than we will. And we believe that if you follow the approach we espouse, and accept our coaching, you'll wind up with a better lifetime return than most of your friends, or than you would have attained had you worked with an adviser who didn't follow the same approach.

The second great financial challenge of retirement is generating income once you have retired. Changing from working and accumulating money to not working and living partially or completely from investment income is one of the most important and scariest changes most people ever make. Our job is to try to make sure that your income will be adequate for your needs and, even more importantly, that it will keep up with inflation and last as long as you do. We know you understand that every year, everything you buy costs more, and that this process will continue for the foreseeable future. Persistent inflation is therefore the single biggest risk you will face in retirement, not market fluctuations or economic cycles.

We believe that dignity and independence are what matter most in retirement., and that you purchase these every day with your income. We suggest that you ask yourself whether you are confident at this time that you will not run out of money during your retirement, and whether your investment income will be enough to support you and keep up with inflation as long as you live. If you are not sure about the answers to these questions, we suggest contacting us to see what we can do for you.